Code - U.P. Youth Wrestling

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Wrestler Code of Conduct

1. HAVE FUN! First and foremost wrestling should be fun for everyone.
2. Go to the bathroom before practice, going during practice keeps your partner from getting better.
3. Respect our practice room. Do not jump on, hang on, crawl up or run into the mats on the walls. This will cause the mats to fall down or tear and that will cause us to lose our practice room.
4. Do not wear your wrestling shoes outside of the wrestling room.
5. Wrestle to the best of my ability at all practices and tournaments. (I can’t is not in our vocabulary).
6. Be 5 minutes early to a scheduled practice, this will give you time to get ready so practice can begin on time.
7. Come to every practice. We know there are genuine reasons why you might have to miss practice, talk to the coaches if your missed or will miss a practice.
8. Do not cry on the wrestling mat when you lose. Everyone wants to win but there is always someone that looses, after the match congratulate you opponent and the opposing coach, leave the mat with your chin up, if you need to gather your composure do so away from the mat, find your coach when you are ready and discuss the match.
9. Tell coaches of any injuries. If you were injured when not at wrestling the coaches need to know. Injured wrestlers may not wrestle if the injury is serious. Wrestling is a combative contact sport; you will get bumps, bruises, scrapes and pulled muscles from time to time.
10. Be a good sport ALL THE TIME. It is human nature to want to win but if we do not win be gracious in our loss. And when winning remember your opponent…be respectful and a good sport.
11. Treat all my teammates with respect. (They are your wrestling family and should be treated as such at all times!)
12. Control myself when not practicing or wrestling in a match. I will support my team when I am not wrestling!
13. Listen to the coaches. This means eyes on the coaches with mouths closed.
14. WORK HARD. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

If you do not follow the rules here are some of the consequences:
•Extra Conditioning (running, pushups) or whatever the coach feels appropriate.
•Team Punishment (running, pushups) or whatever the coach feels appropriate.
•Missed wrestling tournaments. If you are not ready to wrestle you could be injured and the coaches will not allow an unprepared athlete wrestle at a tournament.

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